How your managed service provider can help you with your IT hardware

How your managed service provider can help you with your IT hardware

Whether you’re a startup or a small-sized company ready to expand, you will most likely be purchasing computers for your business. But that isn’t as simple as opening your wallet and buying the latest model in the market. A computer is a business tool, and like any tool, it has to fit your needs.

Types of computers

There are two kinds of computers, classified according to their sizes: desktop and portable. As the name suggests, desktop computers are often bulky and too heavy to be carried around, so they are placed on top of a desk. But what they lack in portability, they make up for in computing power. Desktops can house larger and faster processors, hard drives, and cooling units, making them optimal for users who need to run more resource-intensive apps.

Portable computers started out with laptops, which merges the separate components of a desktop into a single whole. This makes laptops very portable and light. Today they are joined by smartphones and tablets, which have evolved from devices with limited capabilities to compact computers. The trade off is it's difficult to upgrade their hardware.

Then, you have to consider the different hardware components that make up your computer like the RAM, processor, and graphics card. But this can be overwhelming unless you have years of IT experience.

If you don't know which type of computer is the best for your business, an IT consultant can take a look at how your employees work and recommend a suitable device.

Why get an MSP

A managed service provider (MSP) like Qoverage supports businesses with hardware procurement. As the IT experts, we will act as your vendor liaison and negotiate terms on your behalf so you can get the IT hardware that your company needs at the best prices.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you subscribe to our services.

1. IT Hardware 101

Qoverage will save you the trouble of taking a crash course in IT hardware. Can’t tell the difference between a flash drive and a hard drive? Don’t know if your CPU needs a GPU or not? Don’t worry. We have in-depth knowledge of computer hardware. Tell us in layman’s terms what you want and need, and we’ll deal with the industry jargon that hardware manufacturers love to throw around.

2. Hardware deals and cost-savings

We have extensive experience dealing with various suppliers. We know the going rates in our industry and can come up with the best, most cost-effective deals for you.

3. Installations

Our team of experts can recommend the best way to set up your computer hardware so that your workspace is maximized. We also install all the software you need on your desktops so you can get to work quickly.

4. Warranty management

If you think hardware failure is a hassle, wait ‘til you need to go through the steps to fix or replace it. It’s time-consuming and takes you away from your work. We’ll keep your warranty up-to-date and take care of replacing your hardware should emergencies arise.

5. Relationships with suppliers

Qoverage is partnered and liaise with industry-leading tech companies. We have developed a strategic, trustworthy relationship with our chosen suppliers, who are accommodating and helpful in securing goods when needed. Thanks to the trust built up over the years, our suppliers even go out of their way to help reduce costs and make sure you never experience service delays.

Purchasing the right IT hardware takes time and effort. Qoverage is here to help you make sense of all these complexities. We’ll take a look at your business IT needs, recommend what kind of hardware you ought to get, and even do the procurement for you. But we’re more than just consultants; we can be your trusted partner in business. From IT consultancy to network protection to hardware solutions, we have the expertise to help you stay connected with your customers. Contact our experts today, and let us grow your business with you.