Considerations when buying a printer for your business

Buy HP only. Personally I won’t buy anything else. Yes, there is plenty of other good stuff out there, but I don’t mess with it. I either buy an HP printer, or I call one of my local reps who sells multifunction copier leases. Good copier-leasing companies are getting harder to find, but I have several contacts for you - let me know when you have an need like this, and I’ll introduce you!

Duty cycle - how many pages per month will you print? Estimate and quantify – you’ll need a real number to use here.

How to buy a new PC for your business (or yourself, or your Mom, or your kids)

Get a good CPU. Processor nomenclature/marketing has made it nearly impossible for a consumer to know what performance to expect when selecting a new PC. Some Intel i3 processors are actually much faster than some i7’s. “3.0Ghz” does NOT mean “fast enough”, nor does “i7”. There are some real duds out there, and you don’t want to get stuck using a slow painful PC for the next 3-5 year lifecycle. To protect yourself from this risk, choose a processor that scores at least 8,000 or higher on

Texas: Where small and mid-sized businesses can make it big

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but not anymore. The Lone Star State is now also becoming known as a go-to destination for small and mid-sized businesses. Two areas in particular stand out: The Star in Frisco and Legacy West in Plano.

An untapped market in NE Texas
The Star is a 200,000-square-foot retail block south of The Ford Center and the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters.

5 Features You’ll Be Missing Out on Without Internet Telephony

Years ago, having a single landline to make and receive phone calls was sufficient, but that’s no longer the case. Today, businesses of all types and sizes are under more pressure than ever to adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands, and that means being consistently present and able to communicate across a wide range of channels.

What Do Hackers Want when They Target a Small Business?

Did you know that half of all cyberattacks target small businesses? Yet despite this sobering fact, many small-business leaders wrongfully assume that hackers go only for big corporations. Bigger targets may mean bigger rewards, but the fact that hackers are just as likely to target small businesses comes down to the fact that they’re much easier to compromise because their IT security measures often don't receive enough attention.

Safe web browsing requires HTTPS

How many times this month have you paid for something online using your credit card? Was each payment page secured by HTTPS? If you’re not 100% certain, you’re a prime target for identity theft. The padlock icon in your web browser’s address bar is immensely important and it requires your attention. HTTPS Encryption Older web […]