Non-Profit IT

Non-profit organizations rely on efficient technology to reach out to donors and serve more people. And their staff members and volunteers often work with limited resources and budgetary restrictions when trying to achieve their goals.

Frequent downtime, staggering expenses and missed opportunities are some of the negative side effects of an unstable computer network. But Qoverage can help put an end to them.

Our non-profit IT solutions help:

  • Safeguard electronic files and ensure data security
  • Enhance both staff and volunteer productivity
  • Establish cohesion for all of the software packages on your network
  • Ensure that your computer network is a stable foundation for your organization

By partnering with Qoverage, we'll proactively manage all of your tech needs and requirements. We'll also provide you with personalized tech support in just a call away. And we do all this for a monthly flat rate, thus keeping your IT budget in check.