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Leave your IT in the hands of expert engineers

You didn’t get into business to spend your time managing business IT systems, so why not find a partner like Qoverage to manage it for you instead? Wasting your time trying to figure out how to resolve IT issues or investing too much money into unproductive IT solutions are just some of the problems you will face if you don’t have a team of IT experts working for your company.

However, with Qoverage as your IT partner, you don’t have to hire expensive IT personnel to manage your technology when you can leave it to us for a reasonable flat-monthly fee. Our team will proactively manage your technology and ensure it is always working smoothly so your employees can be more productive and contribute to growing your business.

Managed IT Services and IT Support Services
from Qoverage

Get our bundle of important IT Services that cover all your business operations as well
as unlimited technical support services for a fixed monthly fee.

Do you want to see how Qoverage’s Managed IT Services will give your business the competitive edge?


With Qoverage as your IT partner, you can expect:

Minimal Downtime

Our team will monitor your systems and perform proactive maintenance to ensure your IT network doesn’t suffer from downtime.

Reduced IT Spending

At a fixed monthly price, our team addresses all your IT needs while taking care of technology issues before they compound and cost you even more time and money later.

Responsive IT Support services

Get in touch with our team when you have IT issues and we’ll work with to resolves these problems as soon as possible.

Customized, Long-term IT Strategy

We’ll work with you to develop an IT roadmap designed around your business objectives and plan technology projects that scale up to ensure your needs are always met.

We provide a comprehensive IT support and service plan for your company with expert technicians on call 24/7.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A managed IT service is a set of IT tasks provided by a third party IT contractor and delivered to a customer. On a managed IT service, we, the third-party IT contractor, will deliver IT tasks such as cybersecurity, software, IT management, and more, to your business.

Managed IT services will help your business focus on your business. By partnering with us, you won’t need to worry about tedious IT tasks such as software management, maintenance, troubleshooting, updates, and migrations. We do all the complex IT tasks so you can focus on your core business tasks.

Qoverage offers a fully-managed IT department, including virtual CIO, project management, IT service management, and IT support helpdesk. Contact us today about your IT needs and we’ll give you an idea of how we can solve your unique problems.

The final cost of your managed IT package depends on the specific solutions you need, so the price from client to client varies. But you can be assured that the cost and effort required is less than what you would need to hire additional IT staff.

On the break-fix IT support model, your IT provider will only be around to fix IT components that are already broken. This is ineffective because not only will you have to wait for them to fix your IT issues before you can resume work, but there’s no incentive for them to fix your IT for the long term.

In contrast, IT support on your managed IT package from Qoverage ensures that your IT issues are resolved proactively, with the goal that they never arise again in the future.

Yes they are. We serve small businesses in Plano, Dallas, and surrounding areas.

Just ask our satisfied customers. They’ll tell you how happy they are with Qoverage as their IT service provider.

Managed IT services will allow you to focus on your core business, make your IT costs predictable, lessen or even eliminate downtime, and give you technical support coverage your internal IT team may not have the capacity for.

Ask any prospective IT partner about their service level agreements, hidden fees, and the scopes of their different managed IT packages. A good provider will strive to be accountable with their service coverage, have no secret charges and other fine print traps, and make their services clear to anyone who inquires.

IT and network security is a whole industry that is usually outside the scope of managed IT services. What’s different with Qoverage is that we’ll fit cybersecurity into your package and still meet your budget. Ask us today how we can provide you secure and reliable managed IT services.