Wireless Solutions

Going wireless is a great way to cut down on network and equipment maintenance costs and improve communications between employees, computers, printers, and more. With Wireless Solution from Qoverage, you can use any computer, printer or Web-enabled device in your office from the same Internet connection for utmost mobility and convenience.

Qoverage’s Wireless Solutions help:

  • Reduce cost of LAN wiring in the building, especially in areas where the space is limited and unavailable for wiring
  • Simplify the process of expanding, removing or relocating a wireless coverage area at lower cost when compared to a wired Internet service
  • Saves time when installing a wireless network service
  • Automate security for BYOD
  • Ensure seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with minimal disruptions

We ensure complete support for all devices and can help manage overall system demand by providing a coverage- and capacity-focused network, prioritizing users, devices, and traffic, and aligning the network with your business’s overall IT strategy.