Email Protection

Setting up new email accounts quickly, managing email attachments effectively, and handling spam and virus issues are critical to any organization. But with more sophisticated threats than ever before, taking care of your email can be a tedious yet vital task if you want to avoid ridiculous number of spam emails, degraded internet speed and compromised confidential information. Qoverage provides all-inclusive support for email setup and maintenance.

Benefits of Email Protection from Qoverage include:

  • Real-time detection and protection from viruses, spam, malware and phishing schemes
  • Granular levels of control for both inbound and outbound email traffic
  • Data loss prevention for your peace of mind
  • Improved email access with archiving options and flexible search
  • Backscatter protection to avoid unsolicited message to your distribution lists
  • Fast deployment

We offer multi-layer protection against spam, malware, viruses and phishing so you can keep your inbox safe, secure and clean.