About our CEO

Ryan Huettner CEO of Qoverage IT in Dallas Texas

Ryan Huettner, CEO of Qoverage

My entrepreneurial background started in grade school with a lawn care business. I started my second company in Denton while completing my BS in Computer Science at the University of North Texas - repairing PCs for the Bose speaker company. I was also employed by the university during this time, working to migrate 5,000 desktop PCs from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, and assisting with a campus-wide network upgrade. After graduating from UNT, I went to work for an IT consulting firm in Dallas, which was acquired a year later to become the Dallas branch of a nationwide startup called All Bases Covered. Our Dallas branch grew from 8 technicians to 38 technicians in just a few months, and the company grew from 300 to over 700 people within a couple of years. Our Dallas branch led the nation in process development and profitability, helping All Covered to become “the IBM of small business”.

In 2004 I founded and served as President of Solace Networks, a small-business IT consulting company based in Dallas. Through difficult economic times, Solace grew >100% year over year, thanks to our focus on people and processes. In late 2008 I sold my interest in the company, and I founded Qoverage in early 2009.

My dad was an x-ray service engineer, and my brother is a software engineer. I have been immersed in a technical environment since birth. I grew up building with Legos, Erector Sets, R/C cars and model rockets. I wrote my own games for the Commodore 64. In high school and college I fell in love with Computer Science, where my creative spirit and my techie brain came together. Writing code and building slick algorithms is a fun challenge, but it always seemed to alienate the real-world people. I could feel a gap between engineering ideology and human needs. Connecting people and getting them to embrace technology to solve problems has always been the challenge. In my consulting role, I figured out that our team could apply technology to make businesses stronger, and to make people happier and more successful. I have had many “aha moments” with these connections. That’s why I got into IT consulting, and that’s why I have never left.

I have helped hundreds of companies and their executives bridge the gap, improving their technology environments to better serve their people and their customers. It is this passion for business transformation that I bring to Qoverage and to our clients. I will continue to grow Qoverage in an exciting environment, with an empowered and passionate team. We will continue to change businesses' and people’s lives for the better.

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