5 Features You’ll Be Missing Out on Without Internet Telephony

5 Features You’ll Be Missing Out on Without Internet Telephony

Years ago, having a single landline to make and receive phone calls was sufficient, but that’s no longer the case. Today, businesses of all types and sizes are under more pressure than ever to adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands, and that means being consistently present and able to communicate across a wide range of channels.

By contrast, sticking with the landline hinders business growth and can detract heavily from the professional image of your organization. That’s why it’s time to leave the traditional landline behind and join the internet telephony revolution to keep up with the demands of modern business. If you have yet to implement a cutting-edge communications infrastructure, here are just five things you’ll be missing out on:

#1. Reduced Costs

A single landline subscription might not be expensive, but it’s woefully inadequate for all but the smallest of businesses. On the other hand, the sort of private PBX phone systems that large enterprises often use can be extremely expensive, far too much so for smaller companies. That’s why internet telephony presents the only practical and affordable alternative for most organizations. With a hosted system, you’ll be able to communicate for free with your employees and between departments, and you won’t need to invest in any expensive hardware of your own.

#2. Scalability

Every modern business depends a lot on its ability to communicate. However, with a growing organization comes growing demands, which include a great deal of extra pressure on your communications infrastructure. Landlines severely lack scalability and can end up holding your business back during periods of increased demand. A hosted internet telephony system, however, grows with your company by allowing you to add new users instantly and accommodate virtually any number of calls. That’s the sort of scalability you need to grow your business.

#3. Accessibility

Today’s workforce isn’t interested in spending day in day out chained to an office desk. In fact, more and more workers expect to be able to work from home or on the move, or even get a head start on the day’s work during the commute. However, that’s not likely to happen if their only way to communicate with customers is through the landline back in the office. Internet telephony systems provide unprecedented mobility and flexibility by allowing employees to make and receive phone calls no matter where they are – as long as they’re connected to the internet.

#4. Quality

Having been around for over a century, there’s no denying that the landline is a tried-and-tested technology that offers excellent reliability. However, it’s not capable of keeping up with the demands of modern business, particularly those operating in the global marketplace. Internet telephony uses modern digital technology to provide the best call quality possible, and that means high-definition audio and clearer, crisper phone calls all over the world. Furthermore, many systems also provide full video conferencing capabilities for greatly enhanced inter-departmental communications.

#5. Onboarding

Onboarding new employees to handle things like customer support requests or sales calls is never easy if you don’t have the right technology. With landlines, you have no way to train your staff while they’re on a call without standing over them and interrupting the call where necessary. By contrast, most internet-based systems allow supervisors and managers to monitor calls and even ‘whisper’ to employees during calls without interrupting the entire process. Another useful feature is ‘barge’, which allows supervisors to seamlessly take over a phone call whenever necessary.

With the internet telephony revolution now well underway, no company can afford to rest on its laurels while its competitors are growing quickly with the aid of modern technology. That’s why Qoverage provides fully scalable, flexible and affordable communications systems that prepare your business for future success. Call us today to get started.