5 Signs It’s Time to Change the Way You Manage Your IT

5 Signs It’s Time to Change the Way You Manage Your IT

Are bottlenecks in performance starting to weigh your systems down, or are your staff getting fed up with working overtime just to keep up with inefficient workflows?

If you haven’t put much thought into your IT infrastructure, it might be time for a major overhaul. After all, just a year or two without any upgrades could put you seriously behind. Without 24/7 support, your business could suffer from stunted growth and sluggish productivity. You can avoid all of this by watching out for the following surefire signs that it’s time to change the way you approach IT:

#1. Support Fees Are Eating into Your Budget

Every IT system needs regular maintenance and support. Even if you have the best technology available, things can still go wrong. But when inefficiencies outweigh productivity and dent your bottom line, then it’s probably time to rethink your strategy.

Support costs will pile up, and when waiting on the IT technician becomes a regular occurrence, you’ll also have to factor in the cost to productivity. One way to minimize support costs is to move to a cloud computing environment, whereby everything is monitored and maintained by a dedicated technology provider.

#2. Your Current Systems Lack Mobility

Long gone are the days when the average small business could subsist on a modest server and a network of connected desktop computers. It’s now common for organizations of all types and sizes to have an increasingly diverse mix of systems for work, including mobile devices and cloud-based services.

As corporate computing infrastructures become evermore complex, companies are under increasing pressure to simplify their approach to IT by ensuring their systems can work well together. By migrating to a standardized and centralized support model, you’ll be able to build stable and reliable systems that work together.

#3. Business Demands Keep on Growing

Modern businesses depend so heavily on their technology that all the bells and whistles can suddenly end up working against you. If your business keeps growing, yet your IT support can’t keep up, you’ll end up running into some serious problems, such as decreased productivity and reduced product or service quality

It doesn’t take much to lose the competitive edge in today’s market, so it’s imperative that you have a scalable IT infrastructure that grows with the needs of your business. If your current systems are showing any signs of struggling to keep up with growing demand, then it’s time to start doing something about it now.

#4. There Are Too Many Handoffs

A good example of an inefficient business process is one that requires multiple handoffs to do a single job. A fragmented approach like that increases the likelihood of human error and turns business processes into a game of Chinese whispers.
To avoid problems like redundant or mishandled workflows, it’s critical to have a centralized system. To that end, cloud solutions that integrate key processes like customer relationship management and accounting will help enormously.

#5. IT Vulnerabilities Are Leaving You Open to Attack

Cybersecurity has never been more important. Data security and business success are practically interchangeable in today’s market, so there’s no space for vulnerable systems that leave your entire business open to attack. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a huge portion of your resources on data security.

By migrating to an outsourced solution that combines the best technology and the brightest minds in the industry, you’ll no longer have to carry the entire weight of cybersecurity on your shoulders. If you’re spending too much time patching vulnerabilities and calling support teams, then it’s definitely time for change.

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